Log Home Staircases

rustic log home staircaseThe basic purpose of a staircase is quite obvious – to get from one floor to another.  But beyond that basic function, log home staircases are a wonderful place to showcase your personal style and aesthetic.  Depending on the material used, and the shape of the treads and risers, as well as the overall form of the staircase, you can achieve a wide range of styles.  From truly rustic log home staircases showcasing knotty wood with gnarled, natural shapes, to sleek modern log home staircases with clean lines and metal accents – anything is possible.  Below we’re going to showcase some different forms and styles that our log home customers chose for their log homes.

Spiral Staircases in Log Homes

Spiral staircases have the distinct advantage of taking up less space than a straight run, or a U-shaped staircase.  That can make a spiral staircase a good choice for a small home.  But many choose a spiral staircase not for space saving reasons, but because of the unique character it brings to a room.  Typically the treads have open rises making the staircase less obtrusive visually.  And, depending on the materials you choose for your spiral staircase, the look can be classic or quite modern, as illustrated below.

log home spiral staircases

The spiral staircase on the left exudes a modern feel with its metal treads and banister. The spiral staircase in the log home on the right is made from wood and has a simple, classic look.

L-Shaped Staircases in Log Homes

An L-shaped staircase looks just like it sounds.  It makes the shape of an L with a 90 degree turn at the first landing.  While not quite as space efficient as a spiral staircase, the L-shaped staircase is also good for smaller homes.  As with other shapes of staircases, the L-shaped staircase can be built to reflect any style.

l shaped modern log home staircase

This modern style L-Shaped log home staircase has open treads and a metal baluster. The clean lines and geometric shapes of this staircase work well in this modern log home built in Quebec.

An L-Shaped staircase can be made to look rustic as well.  Materials used to create more rustic log home staircases include half round logs, hand scraped wood, log newel posts and knotty or natural curved pieces of wood.

rustic log home l-shaped staircase

This L-Shaped log home staircase has a more rustic feel with the treads being made from half logs. The newel posts are made with full round logs. The banister is made from hand-peeled small logs.

Straight Run Staircases in Log Homes

The straight staircase is the easiest to construct as there are no turns or curves to consider.  But, straight run staircases do take up a lot of space and can be tricky to fit into your log home floor plan.  As with the other staircases, the treads can be open or not, and made of various materials.  To lighten up a log home, many homeowners choose to use open treads.

straight log home staircase with decorative banister

This straight run log home staircase has a decorative banister with geometric shapes. The stair treads are half logs with curves that contrast nicely with the straight lines of the banister decoration.

Finally, one other feature that can be used to add extra style to log home staircases is the use of large tree trunks as posts. Their natural form and organic shape add a feeling of enchantment and whimsy to a log home – transforming a log home into a veritable tree house.

log home staircase with half log treads and tree trunk post

This straight run log home staircase has half round log treads, and a magnificent tree trunk as one of the posts. The tree trunk posts are used throughout this log home, providing a consistent "tree house" feel.


So, while log home staircases can take you down to up, and back down again we hope you’ve seen how they can bring much more to a log home than just that basic function.  Feel free to share with us your comments, as well as photos of your log home staircases on our Facebook page.

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