Log Home Man Caves

After the two football games yesterday, the teams that will play in this year’s Super Bowl have been decided.  It’ll be Patriots vs Giants just like it was back in 2008.  So this is a pretty good time to think about where you’ll be watching the big game.  And there’s really no better place to watch the Super Bowl than in a man cave inside a Real Log Home®:

log home great room with pool table
To get you inspired for the big game day, we thought we’d draw up three different plays that will help you design the perfect man cave for your own log home.

# 1 – Views of the TV

sight lines foot ball diagram
Unlike many other occasions for hosting a party, a Super Bowl party is based around watching the football game.  So when laying out your ideal log home man cave, think about how you’ll arrange things so that everybody has a good view of the action.

log home great room with sectional couch big screen tv and soapstone stove
This log home great room (shown above) has an incredibly comfy looking sectional curving around the wide screen TV.  One thing to keep in mind when choosing a sectional for your log home man cave, is that people sitting in the center of the couch don’t have easy access to a table on which to set drinks or food.  So make sure you have a coffee table in front of the sectional, or a sofa table behind for guests to utilize.

AuSable Log Home Basement man cave

This log home basement also has a great furniture arrangement for watching the big game.  This time, instead of using a sectional, the homeowners bought two separate leather sofas and put them in a horseshoe pattern.  That leads to great sight lines for all.  Good call!

#2 – Comfy Furniture

furniture chalkboard diagram

While good looks are very important, comfort is just as important.  Couches and chairs with deep cushions and padded arms are ideal for kicking back and enjoying a game with friends and family.

log home great room with wall of windows and leather furniture
The leather furniture in this log home great room (shown above) is a great example of furniture with the right proportions to feel comfy without being too over-sized.  The sunlight streaming through the wall of windows makes the wide armchair look so cozy.  This is definitely a log home great room that’s ideal any time of year, not just for hosting the big game.

#3 – Easy Access to Food and Drink

blitz the chips refreshment diagram

Just as with any entertaining, providing your guests with food and drink is essential.  And a Super Bowl party in a man cave is no different.  If you’re planning a man cave completely from scratch, consider planning for a small wet bar to keep refreshments cool, and set out snacks.

log home basement bar kitchenette
This log home basement (shown above) has a complete kitchen just off the main TV room.  While an entire second kitchen isn’t necessary, it does make entertaining for a super bowl party much more convenient with extra storage and prep space available.

log home great room with bar
This log home great room (above) is running both plays 2 and 3.  It has big comfy couches with deep cushions, and it has a bar area tucked into an alcove.  With moves like that, this log home great room is entering the territory of log home man cave.

  We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a bit about laying out the perfect log home man cave.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to plan out the best Super Bowl party.  We’d also love to hear who you’re cheering for.  Feel free to leave a comment and share!

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